The Connecticut Science Center is open today, February 19 from 10AM–5PM.

Why NGSS Workshop

The Connecticut State Department of Education and the Connecticut Science Center have partnered on supporting the Next Generation Science Standards.

Why NGSS Workshop

Through immersive experiences and group discussions centered around the NGSS, this two-day workshop is designed to introduce teachers unfamiliar with the NGSS to three-dimensional learning and what it can look like in their classrooms. Participants will begin to appreciate what it will take to understand the NGSS deeply and move the vision into practice. They will see the value in the vision and learn about steps that can be taken to continue their learning.
Audience: K-12 teachers of science and instructional leaders who are new to the NGSS
NOT recommended for those with prior NGSS PD
Enrollment: Individuals or teams (recommended)
Duration: 13.5 hours over two consecutive days
Location: Open sessions: at the Science Center
Partner sessions: typically at your district
Format: Immersive science learning experiences paired with pedagogical analysis
Facilitation: Connecticut Science Center Professional Development Specialists
Cost: Open sessions: $300 per participant
Partner sessions: Competitively priced

Session Offerings: Register Here

Contact Nick Balisciano, Director of Programs and the Mandell Academy, at 860-520-2193 or for more information and a custom quote.